Computer Science

CSE was once considered as a sub branch(or field) of electronics engineering and now it is one of the main branches in the field of engineering. It mainly deals with designing, upgrading, developing, troubleshooting computer devices( its hardware as well as software). It also deals with processors, embedded systems, graphics, different memories, database, application software. You can also venture fields like ethical hacking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud and many more.

civil engineering

Subject included- CSE main subject includes subject related to operating system, networking, automation, cloud, compiler designs and many more. You will also get to learn different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python etc throughout your course.

Placement scope- Right now if you will see the market of engineering placement then it takes even no brainer to understand that this is a golden time for CSE students as placement rate are quite high for them and that too not just in our country but outside our country as well. Some colleges have tie ups with foreign companies and if you want to have job outside India, you can try for those companies.

 Salary- Salary for CSE graduate can vary from 3LPA to 30LPA. Salary is a very subjective topic to talk about but still I will try to break it down for you to understand how once salary is decided. Salary depends on few factors like the college from where you are getting your degree, the company you are joining, the field in which you are working and ofcourse on your experiences.

 Future scope – There is a huge scope waiting for CSE graduate in our country. You can work in top level private company or you can work at govt office as well. Both private and govt field are demanding computer science graduate and since now everything is so much computer based, its not easy to escape the truth that CSE graduates have much abundance scope than other branches..